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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gardening is Definitely a Passion!

I am unabashedly a lover of gardens. I prefer to think that I have a lot of discernment in what enhances a garden and what does not…others might interpret this as a bit of snobbery and perhaps it is (I hope not!)….I am not wild about Pink Plastic Flamingoes but have seen them in situations that seemed entirely appropriate……..

.....bird baths, bird houses….preferably the ones that look like churches….adorable little stone or concrete creations of everything from St Francis who is erroneously thought to be patron saint of Gardeners…Actually it is St Fiacre…..He is also know to protect Florist , herbalist , potters and yes cab drivers……..

But I digress I need to stay on topic. One of my unrewarded dreams is to have an adorable little Garden Shed. I love the elaborate ones created for pristine gardens that perfectly enhance the theme of the garden and the home.....

Lovely creations that are replicas of the beautiful homes they live with…….

Whimsical attempts that create a smile when seen ……….

or those adorable retreats one could retire to the few weeks we are actually comfortable out side………

However at this point something modest to store my tools might just be perfect!

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