7 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster to a Younger Buyer

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Want to strike fear into my husband… Just tell him we have a possible plumbing problem.  We all make compromises and at our home we are all about prevention.
Clogged drains can cause more problems than just interrupting your schedule. Backing up a pipe can put stress on it and shorten its life. So how do we achieve never ever having to call a plumber or worse yet hubby getting out his tools?
·   Keep Food Scraps out of kitchen drains…..Yes you really should scrape food debris from your dishes….Yes, Yes even if you have a disposal!
·   Never Ever put liquid grease down the drain…..that is what empty coffee cans are for…..
·   Cover drains in showers and tubs to keep hair out….one of the major offenders of clogged drains…..
·   Only put sewage or TP in toilets.
You might suggest that the chemical remedies would be the answer but no………..invariably there is a residue of the clog left ...you can never get it all. This means the clog will come back. The real corker is because of the caustic nature of the chemicals your pipes can be damaged….Now that should be a fun way to spend your house hold money on leaking pipes instead of drapes or upholstery.
Removal of a clogged drain by a professional can cost anywhere from $85-$325 The other alternative is to simply buy a manual auger or snake of your own for maybe $15 at the hardware store ….better yet don't allow one to happen in the first place!

based on a great article form house logic
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