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Friday, December 30, 2011

As often is the case when I am at a loss for the topic for a blog, I go to my Photo Bucket Account to look at the pictures I have saved. Invariably I see one that inspires a thought…Luckily this picture is a thought… All the more easy to get started on what is probably going to be my last post for 2011......

I really think this verbiage is the essence of acceptance or as friends of Bill will tell you that is close to what page 449 in the Big Book is all about.  I think when you REALLY GET IT right down in the marrow of your bones you come to understand acceptance is all about learning to be grateful for your blessing and your own sack of woes. I learned many years ago that a gratitude list was the best way to get me out of a “slough of despond!” It is being able to realize without walking in the other guys shoes that he carries his own sack and when you get to know him, his is far worse than your own.. Over the last few years I have had dear, dear friends that were subjected to terrible diseases…some have lived but many have died. I am at the age where it is beginning to occur all too frequently. Once I wrote a bit about all my newly acquired friends must be very young, very healthy and not prone to accidents. But that just is not possible in the times we are living. Any moment someone can be killed in a car accident…..get cancer. It happens these days all too often…

“So what?” you may snipe back at my musings. But each of us eventually comes to the point where we find out (especially us boomers) that the Doris Day movies were not going to be our reality. I mean Hello how often on the big screen did she fall for ROCK HUDSON? Perfection and more to the point perfect happiness is not something that does not come with out a ton of emotional sweat equity. For me getting a personal relationship to God has made the process less painful When you have that you begin to see that life is what you make it. And these awful events that at the time seem so ridiculously uncalled for just might make us wake up and get on with our own happiness. Acceptance is all about being comfortable in your own skin.

Far be it for me to tell you to get religion but it is one of the only things I know of that can soothe our troubled souls….I do ask that at least you try it ….Who knows you might like it!.

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