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Saturday, July 30, 2011

look closely you can see the sweet yellow flowers

Curb Appeal and Real Estate is Like bread and Butter or Salt and Pepper/ Peanut Butter and Jam….you just have to have both or there is no way to get the optimal effect... in Real Estate the bottom line is you are not going to get TOP DOLLAR.  You absolutely will not attract buyers or  if you do get someone in the front door  evenutally it is going to cost the seller in concessions for not doing something to make the property show as best as it possibly can.....When we list we try to a put  a fair amount of weight on landscaping. It doesn’t have to be professionally landscaped but there is so much more that can be done with just a tiny bit of help from your local garden center or if you are lucky and have a Realtor who is a gardener you really are one step ahead of the competition.  Something that will be hitting the garden world with a bang is a new ground cover that just might replace turf grass in low usage areas……..And for you home improvement devotees please take note :

Loves Full Sun But Isn't Fussy in Shade

What is this magical new wonder plant?


Doesn’t sound too sexy does it ?….but it is emphatically a wonder plant…..Never heard of it until Master Gardener Kay Rutherford told me about it…..It is commonly used in highway medians, shoulders and interchanges, and for closed land-fills. Not to mention it is growing in use to stabilize soil on inclines, around culverts and other structures. In Studies done in Bartow, Florida it has held up favorably against St Augustine grass…much more drought tolerant and because it is a legume it produces its own phosphorus (no fertilizing required!) How does a peanut lawn sound?
Well I am not sure I am advocating that, although the Greenies of this world will be when they hear of this environmentally sound little gem. When I can, I will do the green thing but there is no way in God’s green earth Annie Guthrie would even be writing about an ornamental peanut if it was not a really beautiful addition to my garden …And there is no way I am digging up my St Augustine lawn! You might really love it too, especially when you are trying to get a sad front yard in shape this little plant could be just a wonderful ground cover for those sunny areas that need some
Close up of Lush Foliage
TLC...Mine has been  blooming  all summer with the most adorable yellow flowers imaginable….And at night it closes it's little leaves as if it is saying its prayers. ….Apparently those prayers work….the one container I was gifted by Mrs. Rutherford has taken off like a race car. Wish I had been pushier and asked for more….I have thought of countless places I could use this plant warrior. The only locations we have found them commercially sold is at Tallahassee Nurseries…Crestview Nurseries says they MIGHT have them next spring…..
But from what I am learning the ideal time to plant is January….Although like most things if watered enough it will make it . Mine was planted in June.. The upper leaves will not survive a freeze but it is a perennial so it will come back……I called it a Warrior not a Super Hero…..Ask for it at your nursery and perhaps we can get some of these stubborn nurseries to start stocking it…..And if you find anyone who has it let me know!
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