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Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Back ...the dirty little secret is all about wall paper

When we first bought our home I was stunned by the wall paper……1980’s colonial prints…..so adorable back then but not so much in 2000……As a realtor the kiss of death has been the listing you got with that god awful metallic paper and of course it just had to be in the foyer so it hit the client in the face when you walked in the door…….
For many years the days of neutral walls have been essential if you Really wanted to sell your clients home…….but hold on to your hats it’s back ….and it is coming on strong! The first hint I got was when Candace Olsen ,the undeniable  Diva of Design on HGTV, started using it here and there ….and now you cannot pick up a design magazine without at least one designer who is using it………And in the Designer Show Cases you better believe it is the rigor……
Albeit many are subtle but with the coming change of color palette, sorry I said that! The new colors are whole other posting….. Color and intense color is back as well…..Some of the new forward looking, edgy designers are going out of the box with just as intense papers as some of the new  intense colors…..So as the design world turns it will be turning in gorgeous new wall papers….Calm down change is a good thing!

Both of these swatches are from Candace Olson's Collection
This Blog Submitted by Annie Guthrie
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