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Monday, September 19, 2011

Realtor / Counselor .....NO WAY !

We all need someone we trust to give us advice .....
Just read the latest newsletter from FAR (Florida Association of Realtors). My eyes immediately went to an article discussing how this down market had changed Realtor's responsibilities. Probably the general public would be amused to find out the main difference is the amount of counseling this market requires agents to do.
We just returned from a listing presentation very different from the ones we would have given 5 years ago. Back then the emphasis was on service and pricing the house right. Today it is about comforting someone who is upside down in their mortgage but makes too much income to qualify for a short sale. Talk about donut holes…this is a big one!  It is more about making the client know he is not the only person in this situation. Trying to convince someone whose pride revolves around keeping the financial agreements they made and choosing options that would be best for their future.
Also, it is about covering yourself legally by making sure that they get proper financial (CPA) and Legal advice (Real Estate Attorney.) We try and keep ourselves as informed as possible about all the aspects a client may be faced with but it is always wise to send a client to the source for the complete story……and make them aware of the complete ramifications of what their actions might bring ( IRS for instance!)
The feel good part of this new role  is that you leave that client and you feel so grateful that you are secure enough in your own business that every client you meet you do not feel you just have to get them to list their home and that they have to do it right this moment. Yes it is a good feeling leaving someone knowing while you were there you told then exactly what you felt was the best thing for them to do……….
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